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Bevorstehende Workshops: 

>> In search of the Essence: Explorations into the natural rhythms of the body – Date to be confirmed 


Vergangene Workshops:

>> Die Kraft der Erdung für seelische Gesundheit nutzen – 20.10.2020

>> Wie Berührung unsere seelische Gesundheit stärkt – 10.10.2020 

>> Shiatsu Kostprobe beim „Happy Herbst“ – 22.09.2020

>> Exploring Inner Landscapes – 09.05.2020 // 06.06.2020

>> Get Nourished: Dinner & Talk – 6.11.2019 // 4.12.2019



In search of the Essence. Explorations into the natural rhythms of the body.

A one-day workshop combining Shiatsu and deep art-based work 

In the fall, we have a unique chance to find more connection with the natural rhythms of our living bodies. According to the Five Elements Theory, this period of the year relates to the element of metal. It symbolizes the processes of absorption and excretion like, for instance, breathing. It is also an ideal time to take care of two important organs: lungs and the large intestine. Through reconnection with the body, we get an opportunity to turn inwards, let go of what we no longer need and discover our true Essence. Once we create more awareness around who we are and what are our deepest longings, we can open up and find a stronger connection with other living beings and the world at large.

In this workshop we will take you on a fascinating, relaxing, and deeply rejuvenating journey into the world of Shiatsu and the arts. By exploring the breath and other natural rhythms of our bodies, we will search for new resources, surprising discoveries, and create more awareness about what is our Essence and how we can connect with it on both personal and collective levels.

Possible Benefits: 

– reconnect with your body and better understand it’s natural rhythms

– let go of what you no longer need on a physical, mental, and emotional level

– relax, rejuvenate, and rest in a safe and non-judgemental space

– discover new relaxation and self-expression tools

– release tension and learn how to breathe deeply

– find a deeper connection with yourself and the world at large


For Whom? 

– people who are in need of a break from everyday routines

– anyone experiencing stress, unrest, and tension in daily life

– individuals who would like to align with the natural rhythms of their bodies

– people who are curious to learn new tools for self-expression

– anyone interested in exploring Shiatsu


Event Details

When: date to be confirmed

Where: Berlin Kreuzberg

Price: 89 Euro | PROMO* for pairs (partners, friends, family members): 160 Euro.

An assortment of tea and light snacks are included. Please take care of your lunch.



This workshop is for people who are curious, love to experiment and learn something about themselves. No previous bodywork or art experience is required. Places are limited to 8 participants per workshop. For more information and registration you can contact: and Joanna Wróblewska Yohaku Art Collective