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My body is my Superpower!

Building positive body image in kids
with massage & mindful practices

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This course is for mums, who would like to see their kids growing up joyfully and confident in their own skin. It is designed for women, who are open to explore massage as a way to connect with their child (age 4-12) and nurture body positivity.

What you will learn and experience

– How to inspire your child to find joy, self-worth and confidence in her/his growing body

– How massage can support children to relax into their body, easing physical and emotional stress 

– How to create a massage ritual that suits the individual needs and preferences of your child 

– How to encourage your child to see themselves and others with appreciation and respect, instead of judgement 

– How mindful touch can strengthen the relationship between yourself and your child, deepening the special bond between both of you

The course consists of 4 weekly modules and is self-paced. This means you can do this in you own time, whenever it suits you. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Aleksandra


I'm a mum of two wonderful kids and I'm passionate about all the things
that make us flourish and increase our
physical and emotional well-being.

As a Shiatsu practitioner I am supporting women and families in times of stress and change, so they can feel into their bodies and inner needs and live a life full of meaning an connection.

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