Free Course "Get in touch with your body"

Increase your energy and vitality with self-massage. 

Participate for free in my course from 22nd February – 21st March 2021

What you will learn and experience within 4 weeks and who the course is for
  • How to use self-massage to release physical and emotional tension in a gentle way
  • How to listen more deeply to your inner voice and your body’s needs 
  • How to feel more awake, alive and positive in your own skin
  • How to make space for your needs and develop mindful practices that can be integrated into your daily life
This course is for mums who feel tired and would like to regain their energy in a natural way. 
It is designed for women who would like to experience a deeper connection with their bodies, increase their well-being and are open to discover self-massage  

Hi, I'm Aleksandra

I’m a mum myself and I'm passionate about all the things that make us flourish and increase our physical and emotional well-being. As a Shiatsu practitioner I am supporting women in times of stress and change, so they can feel into their bodies, as well as their inner needs and live a life full of meaning and connection.

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We start the journey to more vitality on 22.02.2021