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Get Nourished: Dinner & Talk with Minna Holi – 6.11.2019 / 4.12.2019

Shiatsu zum Ausprobieren – 12.10.2019


Get Nourished: Dinner & Talk

Monthly gym membership paid. Check.
Vegetarian recipe book ordered. Check.
New meditation app installed. Check.
Do you feel you have put a lot of effort to improve your health but you still feel stressed and disconnected? This can be overwhelming and we all have been there. Despite our best efforts we often overlook the importance of maintaining a balance between body and mind in two important areas: how giving and receiving human touch and building a healthier relationship with food improves our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Mood & Food 

You have heard of a feel-good hormone serotonin. Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced in our gut? That is how closely related mood and food are, which is why our gut and digestive system play a key role in keeping our mood stable. The recent studies show mounting evidence on the importance of diverse gut bacteria and how it can improve mood and prevent depression.
However, eating the right foods is not enough if our attitude to nourishing ourselves is restrictive or negative. Our beliefs on how the food affects us has a direct impact on our metabolism. If you want to improve your mood and energy levels through your diet, you need to develop a healthy relationship to food to fully enjoy it.

The Power of Touch

The sensation of touch plays a huge role in our everyday life. From the moment we are born until our last days it fosters communication, trust and social bonds with others. Touch is much more powerful than we think. It helps reduce stress and the risk of depression, allowing us to feel connected with our inner and outside world.
Being aware of how we give and receive touch is crucial. It gives us a great opportunity to learn about ourselves and about ways how we can integrate more touch into our daily experiences. By doing that we can support our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

We warmly invite you to an informal evening of a delicious vegan dinner and presentations from two practitioners

You Will Learn

-how the gut-brain connection affects your mental wellbeing

-how to analyse your relationship to food

-about the importance of touch for your wellbeing 

-how you can integrate more touch in your every day life 

About Us

Minna Holi is a nutritional therapist who is enthusiastic about sharing the significance of food in having a good quality of life. Since graduating from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2015, Minna has been navigating a wide range of clients through the complex world of nutrition.

Aleksandra Hoffmann believes that touch is a wonderful way to connect to our inner world. As a Shiatsu practitioner she is supporting individuals who experience stress and personal changes, so that they can nurture themselves and regain inner peace. 

Event Details

When: Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 6:30 – 9:00 PM / Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 6:30 – 9:00 PM 

Where: The Lovers Space, Choriner Str. 20, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 

Price: 30 Euro (vegan dinner included). Bring a friend and pay 50 Euro for two. 


For more information and registration you can contact: and 

Shiatsu zum Ausprobieren

Wolltest Du schon immer mal erfahren, wie sich Shiatsu anfühlt? Jetzt ist Deine Gelegenheit. Ich glaube daran, dass jeder einmal Shiatsu ausprobieren sollte. Deshalb biete ich im Rahmen der Woche der Seelischen Gesundheit 30-minütige Behandlungen an. Ich freue mich auf Dich.

Wann: Samstag, 12. Oktober 2019 von 11-14 Uhr (nur mit Anmeldung)
Wo: Praxis Shiatsu Mitte, Gormannstr. 12, 10119 Berlin
Preis: 10-15 Euro

Bitte um Anmeldung unter:

Weitere spannende Veranstaltungen der Woche der Seelischen Gesundheit findest Du hier: