Touch connects us with the core

“The Shiatsu sessions with Aleksandra are wonderful. Afterwards I always feel deeply relaxed, happy and grounded. Aleksandra’s treatment is moving and respectful, calming and full of life. It seems to me a little bit like magic“ -Anja-

Touch comes from the outside but has an effect on our inside world. We experience touch on a deeper than physical level, because of the interconnection between body and mind. It moves us towards a state of relaxation and inner peace and has the capacity to reach our emotions. In my experience touch connects us with our core, with everything that is essential and requires space in any given time of life.

Shiatsu supports our life force

I consider Shiatsu as a gift. I love to receive it and I love to share it even more. It fills me with deep gratitude to be able to watch a person come to rest, breath-out and gather new strength. Especially in times of change touch can connect us with our needs and support our well-being. I offer Shiatsu for people who are dealing with loss and grief.

„Thanks to Aleksandra’s treatment, I had the impression, that after a very stressful and exhausting time in my life, I started to feel more grounded again. Aleksandra is radiant and this is infectious. I can highly recommend her treatments“ -Anja-