What is Shiatsu and how it benefits your health?

Are you considering Shiatsu for yourself or someone you know? This article will help you identify whether Shiatsu is a good option. You will also learn what happens during a treatment and what benefits you can expect after a series of sessions.   1. What is Shiatsu?  Shiatsu is a form of bodywork established in Japan. Its roots go back to the traditional Japanese massage called

8 ways to boost your energy levels in autumn 

After those long summer days filled with light and sunshine, we’re now transitioning into the next season. Autumn arrived in all its glory. You may have already noticed the chilly weather during your evening walk. It’s definitely time to take out your autumn jacket! With this new period our life changes. As the plants and trees loose their leaves, we

7 tips how to connect to your summer energy

Summer has arrived! We can feel this in the warm air that touches our skin. The mornings are bright, as well as the evenings, encouraging us to stay awake and active. Summer is the time of growth, expansion, gatherings and connection. It is an invitation to enjoy life, spending time outside and focusing on activities that really excite us. While

Why we all need time for nothing

I felt a sense of relief when the door has closed. Shortly before leaving, my eyes caught a pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen table. I’ve turned away pretending they’re not there. When I sat in the S-bahn, I could feel the tiredness around me. It was early afternoon. The train was packed. The guy next to me fell asleep,

Wie wir im Winter tief in uns selbst eintauchen

Der Herbst ist nun zweifellos vorbei. Man spürt es an der Dunkelheit und Kälte, die uns umgibt. Auch wenn gelegentlich die Sonne hervorkommt, so ist ihre Kraft auf der Nordhalbkugel gerade am schwächsten. Ganze 16 Stunden dauert jetzt die Nacht.  Die natürliche Bewegung des Winters ist vom Rückzug geprägt. Viele Tiere fallen in den Winterschlaf. Bäume ziehen ihre Säfte ins Innere

30 Tage, 30 Spaziergänge und ein neuer Rhythmus, der in mir erwacht

Ich habe mal gehört, dass es 28 Tage braucht um eine neue Gewohnheit zu entwickeln. Manche sagen es reichen auch nur 3 Wochen, wenn man wirklich konsequent dabei bleibt. So richtig habe ich nie darüber nachgedacht bis vor kurzem, wo ich ganz zufällig eine neue Gewohnheit für mich entdeckt habe. Sie ist ganz simpel. Ein Spaziergang am Tag. Ohne Einkaufslisten

8 Wege wie Du den Herbst für Deine Gesundheit nutzen kannst

Nach vielen Wochen mit langen Tagen und so mancher Sommerhitze, gehen wir in die nächste Jahreszeit über. Der Herbst ist da in all seiner Pracht. Du merkst es vor allem an den dunklen und kalten Abenden. Zeit deinen verstaubten Herbstmantel aus dem Kleiderschrank zu holen! So wie die Bäume und Pflanzen ihre Säfte langsam einziehen, so ziehen auch wir uns ins Innere

Four dimensions of health and how Shiatsu supports all of them

When I was about 5 years old, I have discovered that adults have this division when it comes to food. Some things were considered healthy and some were simply not. With never ending excitement I have interviewed adults around me, to understand what this really means. Long afternoons in my grandmas garden were the perfect place to explore more. Once

A simple guide to massage your child in 3 steps

„I miss my friends“ is something I often hear from my daughter these days. It’s been almost six weeks with no contact to her classmates. Well… if you don’t count the two meetings over Zoom, which left her even more sad and frustrated. I observed how difficult it is for her, to talk about herself in those video conferences. Although